Volunteering has always been an important way of life in Canada. By volunteering, you can meet people, try something new, contribute to your community, learn new things, have fun, build your resume and experience the joy that comes with giving back to your community.

Join Our Team

  • Help with the rink
  • Deliver the newsletter for your street
  • Help with special events
  • Coach a sport
  • Supervise or teach a program
  • Join the Board. To find out board vacancies, visit here.

What positions are on the Board?

  • Member-at-Large — A great way to meet the other volunteers and learn more about the Community Association without taking on a specific role
  • Coordinators (to help with the rink, programs, soccer, website, special events, newsletter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Executive (e.g. President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer)

Time commitments depend on your availability.  A requirement for all positions is community pride and a love for people!  Training and support are available. Fun guaranteed!

What do we need help with right now?

(This section last updated: August 23, 2022)

  • PROGRAMS – This position needs someone with energy, creativity and good customer service and organizational skills. Training and support provided.
  • NEWSLETTER – We do at least one community newsletter a year, and usually two flyers for the schools. Are you creative, and a good communicator? Give it a try!
  • SPECIAL EVENTS – A great way to bring the whole community together, and create shared memories!
  • THE RINK – Shoveling, flooding, mowing in the summer.
  • MEMBER-at-LARGE A great way to join the team — meet people, come to monthly meetings, and help extra when you can.

How do you get started?

Join us at a meeting. Our meetings are held virtually due to the pandemic, on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm unless it falls on a holiday. There are no meetings in July & August. 

All residents of Confederation Park are welcome to drop in to the monthly meetings. We love meeting our neighbours!  If you’re thinking of joining a meeting, send us a quick e-mail to info@confedparksask.ca and let us know you want to attend so we can send you a Zoom link.

We look forward to meeting you, neighbour!