Welcome to Confederation Park Community Association

Message From the President~~

Hi Neighbours!

I am Anna Pacik, the president of the Confederation Park Community Association (CPCA). I began my volunteer role with the CPCA in November 2021. My family and I have lived on the west side since moving to Saskatoon in 2004. We started in Pacific Heights and moved to Confederation Park in 2007. We feel so fortunate to live in this lovely neighbourhood that surrounds beautiful Parc Canada. We live close to the park and enjoy hearing “park” sounds like the crack of the bat as it hits the baseball, families cheering at a soccer game and the sounds of skaters enjoying our rink.

I volunteer on the CPCA board with a great team of your neighbours. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and have a lot of laughs. We do our best to provide our own Confederation-made activities right here in our own neighbourhood as well as to provide a connection to Ward 3 councilor David Kirton, and City of Saskatoon programs and activities. We are grateful to be supported by grants from the City of Saskatoon, as well as Community Consultant Jan Cunningham. Jan rocks!

We have several openings on our board. Let me know if you are interested in joining us. We support each other in our board positions to coordinate events and activities together. If you live in Confederation Park, come and try us out for a meeting or two to find out more about how we support our community.

All the best,
Anna Pacik

p.s. I invite you to browse through our web pages to see what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Email us your ideas for programs you’d like to see or programs you have the skills to lead. The more the merrier.